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Kenta's list
This is sorta a list for myself of things I've wanted, read or find interesting enough to want! Or along those lines. For the record I'm not posting an "OMG PLEASE BUY ME THESE THINGS" list. The wants are more so I can check things as I'm on the got and it updates anywhere and easily. The owned things will be rated so I can share! :D

Music CDs Owned
100% Trnce
Apollo 440 - Millennium Fever
Deeper Trance
Eophoria Trance Awards 2009
Future Trance 47
Genesis - Turn it on Again
Chilled Euphoria
Lifescapes - Classical Christmas

Music CDs Wanted

Movies Owned

Movies Wanted
How to Train Your Dragon (duh)
Tron Legacy

Recent Books Read
Hawx by Tom Clancy

Books Owned
Kesey's Raven - Sylvia Peck

Books Wanted
Inheritance Cycle

Aw crap
So.. Like.. Hey!
Little bit of news. Between work, vocals, violin, more work, prepping for school, volunteer stuff, social life and still managing to shove a few horus of sleep in there somewhere (Drugs help, lots of drugs) it's growing harder for me to do full updates. I still follow you guys pretty closely but full Laja updates are aparently getting harder to come by. I write alot but it's either I pansy ass out and don't want to post it or I just never can be arsed to do it. (One day, I swear I'm gonna get faced and post a bunch of crap I'll regret. =P)
Anyway, much easier to follow me on twitter. I'll follow you back cause I enjoy knowing what you guys are up to I'm just finding it increasingly hard and for that I'm sorry.. ADD IT FOR LOVE

I don't know why, oh why I got this from Zy.

Thank you. => *jumps onto the treat and bitebites*

My new baby! :D
Enough said.

Alot has been happening lately so I'll use cliffs notes cause it's bedtime soon.

- Rebuilding my feelings and becoming a better being because of it
- Got into school this year with dreams of medschool eventually (I hope! :(
- Work.. Blah.. two months left at least
- Writing, reading more
- Getting back into the dating romanticy stuffs
- Getting leaner, fat melting off, muscle forming again!
- Seeming to have developed a really bad habit of misplacing chips. (The eating kind)

(no subject)
Passed everything. I've been accepted into Concordia. Bitchin'
Exhausted and going to bed; I'll try and put a better update on the wall soon.

Ah'm sorry tummy! :(
So went out with my boys for the usual thursday night chicken wings. (Yeah I know; well I'm _usually_ vegetarian. =P) and seriously. Way too many hot wings. :( The problem there is the tummy and the tastebuds aren't in full agreement of how they should be handled. The mouth (hereby referred to as a "pie hole") loves them but the tummy.. not so much.. So they must fight to the death.

Sadly my stress levels lately have being rising much higher than they should be. I'm at that point where I'm running on fumes and getting snappy which is somethign I/m not proud of but.. Suppose that's something that I need to get used to. I'm trying to get my ass back to school in the fall as I'm tired of doing this grunt work shit and the general attitude of the "industries" I work in. and in reality I've always wanted to do something alot more than the situation I am in currently but sadly I've never had any faith in my abilities. Changing this perception lately has been more and more refreshing. I remember when I was little I really wanted to be a doctor but I gave up on the when I got nothing but made fun of for it. So who knows, maybe I can pull that off. I'm not sure but the thing abotu my entrance exams is encouraging. For some academic upgrading placement tests I managed to pull a mid 80 on english and a low 90's from maths/sciences. Good but still not good enough, however I am proud.

Aww yeah. Future career here I come!

Too many hours at work! Bawwww! Seriously, it's harsh when a person is averaging like.. 5 hours sleep per night for a couple of weeks (though I made that up today thank god). That sleeping bit is harsh, even for me. Six hours is what I need, dropping below makes for many bad things and spilled pudding!

I swear to god though I will pull this off somehow, even if it puts me in the ground (doubtful). It'll be nice to go back to school, although terrifying..

(Short entry, mobile. More tonight)
Aw god damnit phone can you please stop being so buggy? You make me feel likg an idiot when I double post something then find out you didn't update properly and the first post went through.
Please? I will give you pudding.. Phonepudding.

Working killer hours and surviving on coffee, cigarettes and bad food. I am so tired all the time from 5 hours of sleep a nigbht for the last week. I hope topost more later tonight with details.

Seriously.. stoppit phone. I love you?

Writer's Block: Too scary!!
Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

I was absolutely _terrified_ of open bathrooms and toilets in general. Like you have no idea, the mere thought of having to go to the bathroom when it was dark would make me want to curl into a ball and cry.

I think it all stems from this:

Okay seriously.
I want this movie so bad! Like. o.o DO WANT. I remember _loving_ the 80s one as a kid and this remake is.. Brace for it! Going to be in the IMAX! Going to see a movie in the IMAX is like sex, jumping out of a plane and eating a really yummy sandwhich ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
Honestly. Can't. Friggin. Wait.


Nice weekend!
Mr. Bean!
Ooh that was a pretty decent weekend. I am realizing how much better life can be when I can actually *walk* unaided and have the ability to go outside and play. Seriously, don't ever take that for granted as you have no idea how badly things blow when simple (not to mention more advanced) movements are nothing bit pain.

Slept in like hell on saturday, like didn't want to get out of bed for nothin'. Spent the day playing pokemanz. I wassupposed to go to a party but I never got the reply for the address so feck.

Sunday I was up early, got some cleaning and laundry done (god I love clean sheet day) went out and hit the drivimg range with a buddy, had some good beer after! Then headed out for some driving and a movie! Oh yeah! Ran into a netfriend I haven't seen in quite some time so that was spiffycool! It's always nice to talk to someone you haen't seen in awhile.

All in all a pretty good weekend. It is so nice to be getting back into the spin of things and not having to worry about my damn spine!

Seriously though, I wish the weekends were longer!


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